Qurbani Update - 2010

Alhamdulillah, we have sacrificed Qurbani of 70 Goats & 58 Cows (406 shares) at Eid-ul-Azha

like previous years in 06 different areas. We are thankful to all of you (individuals, groups) for donating meat to brother hood who do not have this kind of luxury; not even a single time in a year, for some cases.

Conclusion / Summary:
According to our safe estimation, the meat 6965 kg has been distributed to 3200 families (23,600 individuals) by our 75 Members team operating at 06 sites.

Please find below a short detail about Qurbani & projects; Selection of Sacrifice area according to the desire of the respective donors;


Sponsors: Turkish business men & Izhar Construction:
Branch Manger: Mr. Arsalan khan +92-321-4848717
Chief Patron: Dr. Faheem Chisti
In charge:Qadeer Ahmad, Maulana Ilyas.
Team Members: Riaz Gurmani, Parvez Iqbal, Ubaidullah, Javed Iqbal, Muhammad Kalu, Abdul Hameed
20 Cows(2000 KG meat approx)
Beneficiaries:More than 700 Families ( 5600 individuals) resident at Basti Mochiania, Baseerah, Lukwali, Hala & adjacent areas of Kot Addu poor people, Suffered from flood.

Charsaddah, KPK :

Sponsors:CASE foundation, Petarians, Individuals
KPK Regional Head : Engr / Dr. Atiq ur Rehman +92-3334218870
Head Operations Charsaddah : Dr. Abdullah Abid ( Prof. Kohat University)
Coordination: Madam Kiran. Email: kiran@medequips.org
Team members: Hussain Afridi, M.Qaiser, Ashfaq Ahmad, Ziaullah, Zia Jan, Janas Khan, Naib Khan.
27 Goat(450 kg of mutton)
11 Cows(1100 kg of meat)
Beneficiaries:800 families (5500 individuals) from Basti Nawah Kali,Shabqadar, Battagram suffered from flood.


Sponsors: JSI, Shafi Group & individuals:
Kawish Educational / Health / microfinance / vocational training Cluster of 50 villages :
Branch Manger: Mr. Azhar Hussain ; +92-3344197595
Head Operations: Mr. Farid Sabir : +92-300-4690468
Team members: Tahir, Adnan, Irfan, Ahmad Zahid, Ajmal and Asif Saleem, Zaheer, Sanaullah
32 Goats (500 kg of mutton)
12 Cows (1200 kg of meat)
Beneficiaries:900 families (7000 individuals) of Iqra students.

Kaghan / Paras / Balakot:

Sponsors:Oversees Individuals, CASE Foundation:
Chief Patron:Prof. Seed Atif: +92-321-9430346
Team members: Hafiz Rafiullah Khan, Hafiz Abdul Qadir, Bashirul Haq, Akbar Khan (Sacrifice expert)
10 Goats (200 kg)
04 Cows (400 kg)
Qurbani was arranged & monitored by Prof. Muhammad Saeed Atif Sb.
400 families (2500 individuals) Earth Quake sufferers, recent flood sufferers from Kunhar river & poor people in general.

Fazil Pur ( Near Rajanpur):

Sponsors:Akhuwat, Turkish business men & Izhar Construction:
Branch Manger:Mr. Sabir Farooq
Chief PatronsDr. Izhar Hashmi
In charge: Rehan Akhuwat, Shahid Akhuwat
Team members: Amir,aslam,serwer,khalid,tariq,asim,sana ullah,zubair,saif ullah,naeem
10 Cows (1000 kg of meat)
Beneficiaries:400 Families ( 3000 individuals) resident at Basti ratan ther,Basti lashari,Basti snotra,Basti colachi,Basti aria,Basti molana, Basti balhora,Basti maher, Basti dasti,Basti kishani ,Basti rekh bhagh, Basti gopang, Basti bloch.

Swat & Malakand Division(IDPs)

Sponsors:Customs Health Care Society
01 Goat (15 kg of mutton)
01 Cow (100 kg of meat)