Projects Update: July 01, 2010

Al-Rahim Complex: Designed for Education, VTI, and Health Projects:

Construction Updates: 01-july-2010

Al-Kasib Vocational Training Center:

Essential furniture requirement like 02 Wooden Cupboard & 04 Cutting Tables are purchased to facilitate 06 Teachers and over 150 Students in both Zones.

Community Development:

Food Support:
In extension to food support Program 10 more deserving families have been added at 6 gajyani chak Abdullah (Alwasay cluster) and total amount of families have become 44= 34(previous)+10(newly added). We provide Rs. 1000 per family.

Orphan Support:
Strength of Orphan Students extended upto 82 nos. Stipend is Rs. 300/ student.

Education Project

03 New IQRA SCHOOLS (Alwasay Cluster)
Area Location: 15-Km away from Chistian & 10-Km from Regional Head Office of Kawish Welfare Trust.
No. of Schools: 03 (Basti Johlay Lal, Basti Khokharanwali, Basti 3-Gajyani)School Category:Primary
Nos. of students in Schools:98

Snapshots of above projects have been attached in this e-mail.

Plans for July 2010 Insha'Allah:

AL-Basit Micro Finance Project:
Under Al-Basit Micro finance projects following things are in plan to give the needy and deserving families in July 2010, Details are given below:
100 Bicycles
25 Sewing Machines
Launching of 02 VMCS (village milk collection centers) with HALEEB in July 2010.
Inauguration of Rahim Complex will be held in the month of July 2010.

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