Kawish: Monthly Newsletter (05-Jul-2012):

Welcome to our latest update.

• Case Study on Kawish by RCIB -Riphah International University, Islamabad:

Riphah International University is conducting a Case Study on NGOs for which they have chosen Kawish Welfare Trust as a model. Based on Kawish’s activities in last 10 years, Riphah University will design and add curriculum to its post graduate studies programs. In this perspective, Mr. Arshad Ahmed Baig(RCIB) along with Mr. Fahim Ahmed, visited Kawish Offices at Islamabad, Lahore to meet management & Team members / volunteers. A very comprehensive, in depth and interactive sessions were held which provided good opportunity to RCIB team to complete prerequisites of their case study which are as follows;
The major areas covered in the meeting were:
1. Community development & Empowerment
2. Micro-credit schematic outline
3. Education, Poverty reduction & Entrepreneurship
4. Ethics awareness to the Iqra students ( 3000 numbers)
5. Disaster Management
6. Scope and challenges.
Hope this study would be useful for post grad students to initiate replication of community development ideas to their respective regions.

• Relief Activities at (Badin) Sindh:

As a part of on-going relief activities in Badin, 150 Ration bags were distributed by Kawish Sindh team headed by Mr. Amir Hassan. An active member of the team, Mr. Mahmud ul Haq spearheaded this activity on 17th June 2012 and distributed ration bags each worth of Rs. 2000/- in Goth Arbab Jammo and Qaisar Khan Hamdani-Badin, Sindh.
S.No. Item Quantity
1 Rice 5 Kgs
2 Pulses/Daal 2.5 Kgs
3 Flour/ Flour 10 Kgs
4 Dry Milk 1 Kg
5 Salt 1 pack of 1/2 Kg
6 Sugar 2 Kgs
7 Soap 01 pcs (large)
8 Tea Pack 1 pack of 200 grams
9 01 Large Match Box Pack Pack consists of 10 boxes
10 Masala (Spices) 2 packets
11 Ghee/Cooking Oil 1 Kg

• Installation of hand pumps for providing fresh drinking water:

Mr & Mrs. Amanullah took initiative to collect and provide funds to Kawish Karachi Branch for the provision of drinking water in remote areas of Badin Sindh.
Installation of Hand Pumps at Badin (Sindh) villages: Completed work of 13 hand pumps with cemented column in June & July 2012. Inshallah 17 more pumps shall be installed before Ramadan Kareem.
1. Village Neyaz Mohammad 30 families.
2. Village Darya Khan 70 families.
3. Village Ali Bhan 40 families.
4. Village Ali Nawaz 35 families.
5. Village Nuru Bhatti 50 families.
6. Village Maloki 200 families
7. Village Maloki 200 families
8. Village Younus Bhan 85 families
9. Village Dost Mohammad 70 families
10. Village Eido Lund 391 families
11. Village Shafi Lund 70 families
12. Village Malik Dino 80 families
13. Village Noor Hassan 40 families
Due to acute shortage of drinking water, people were facing real problems as they had to go out to fetch water from far and near places. After the completion of installation, residents of the above villages were extremely happy, they thanked Kawish team and prayed for the welfare and prosperity of donors. Furthermore, during this activity, some people of other villages met Kawish Sindh Team and requested for doing a survey of their villages as they were also facing extreme problems of drinking water.
Approx. cost per pump installation is Rs.12,000/- including material, installation and management.

• Ramadan Relief Packs

As the month of fasting Ramadan approaches, Kawish in joint venture with few donors, intends to distribute Ramadan Relief Packs, each worth of Rs. 3000/- consisting of below items to the poor, deserving, widows, orphans, etc.
S.No. Item Quantity
1 Sultan Ghee/ Cooking Oil 5 Kgs
2 Sugar 5 Kgs
3 Flour 10 Kgs
4 Vermicelli/ Siwayyan 1 Kg
5 Split Bengal Gram/ Daal Chana 1 Kg
6 Split Red Lentils/ Daal Masur 1 Kg
7 Split Black Gram/ Daal Mash 1 Kg
8 Split Green Gram/Daal Mong 1 Kg
9 Rooh Afzaa 1 bottle of 1.5 liters
10 Rice 4 Kgs
11 Tea Pack 250 grams
12 Dates 1 Kg

• Micro Finance:
Al-Basit Micro Finance Project: Kawish-Akhuwat Joint Venture
Equipment Distribution on interest free installments:

A social welfare project was launched by the joint venture of Kawish & Akhuwat in June 2008. Under this project following items have so far been distributed on Interest free installment repayments as low as Rs. 200 per month in the remote areas of Bhawalnagar:-
• Goats
• Sewing Machines
• Bi-Cycles
• Motor Cycles

Distribution of Bicycles and Sewing Machines:
In continuation of our drive for self sustainability & empowerment, 50 Bicycles and 50 Sewing Machines were distributed among the deserving people of villages in last week of June 2012. The guests who were present on this occasion were Dr. Atiq Sb (Haleeb Foods) Babar Sb (Area Manager Akhuwat,) Mr. Usman (Branch Manager Akhuwat,) Mr. Amir (Branch Manager Akhuwat, Chak Maddrisa) Mr. Iftikhar (Loan Officer Akhuwat, Chak Maddrissa), Mr. Usman (Branch Manager Akhuwat.
So far in life time since Year 2008, 2500 families have taken the benefit of Product Micro finance from Akhuwat- Kawish Joint venture on interest free basis. Recovery rate is 99%.

• Group Activities of unprivileged Students at Kawish Iqra Schools in Remote Villages:

In order to improve confidence level of the pupils at Kawish Iqra Schools, build their characters, improve interaction among them and develop cleanliness and hygienic sense, the pupils are split in 04 groups, each group consisting of 08 students headed by a Group Leader. Assignments are given to each group every week. The job of the group is to breakdown the work into chunks and each and every student is allowed to contribute. This way pupils learn to be more independent and communicate better with each other. Performance is gauged on the conclusion of the month and incentives given to the Best Group/given week who contributed significant value to their respective school.
Below are pics of some of the activities:
1. Group leaders narrating stories (books issued from Kawish Library) to their respective groups and then concluding with a lesson out of it.
2. Hands cleaning after using toilet.
3. Cleaning of ablution area,
4. Arranging & drinking of boiled water, nails cutting, teeth cleaning using miswak.
5. School/ room cleaning.
6. Plantation.
Each month the Group Leader is changed giving opportunity to other group members to lead.

• Opening of New Iqra Schools:

Three new Kawish Iqra Schools have been established in remote villages.
1. 02 schools sponsored by Seeds of Peace and Middle East Citizen Association (MECA) already working in the area of Kot Addu have been moved to Basti Mohib Ali and Saday Ki, for better operations.
2. One school, Ibrahim Academy, started in Mehrabad sponsored by three brothers Ibraheem, Eesa and Moosa.

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