Kawish: Monthly Newsletter (24-Jul-2012):

Welcome to our latest update.

KAWISH MODEL for Rural Sustainability: (Significant results achieved in last 10 years of Kawish efforts)

Kawish is mobilizing the Masses to attain empowerment in Remote Villages. Phase wise activity is as follows;
1. Education, Ethics & Hygiene at a Grass root level: We open Iqra schools for 35 unprivileged kids in community room/mosque (so far 100 such schools opened). It costs Rs. 300/- per kid per month (please review below Iqra leaflet for details). We dedicate the school & put a plaque on it to the donor’s choice. We provide feedback on school’s progress. This helps us to generate employment for local graduate, acquire room in a mosque in the morning and focus on 30-35 students to get lessons followed by practical training on Academics, Ethics, Physical Cleanliness, Leadership & Environment. Kids working in a competitive group formation are assigned to clean the school, provide boiled water to rest of the class mates, plant a tree every week & issue book from library for group study. The best group is rewarded at the end of the month. Orphans get stipend of Rs. 300/- per month. Each kid is checked periodically by our doctors to evaluate / suggest growth parameters and to screen abnormality for remedial purposes.
2. Health, Ambulance, Micro Finance Services: Iqra School acts as a Kawish Branch in a village. Once Iqra School in a village is opened, teacher is automatically appointed as a Representative of Kawish in that particular village helping locals on a volunteer basis after school timings.
• Teacher supports locals to get ambulance service (24/7) on urgency.
• Teacher guides local patients for eye surgery at Kawish Hospital (Phaco method using state-of-the-art machinery by an experienced Surgeon) at subsidized rates as low as Rs. 1500/- each including logistics services (Bed & meals).
• Teachers Recommends patients for medical treatment from Kawish hospital OPD.
• Respective Teachers shortlist people to get on loan Bicycles, Sewing machines, Goats at 0% interest basis to improve poor’s earning. The amount is recovered in small installments over years.
• On seasonal basis, Teachers recommend & provide Ramadhan packages & Qurbani meat to the deserving families in community.

3. Participation: Village Agro Productivity: In next proposed program, Kawish Team (teachers / workers) available in villages would provide Agro based products like Pesticides, Fertilizer, Seeds to local farmers at their door steps much below from the market rates as offered by the Arthis (local stockists). The humble profit expected from services shall be used to enhance the package of Teachers, cater for urgent medical needs & to offset some of the management expenses. Kawish team is already collecting milk from farmers at good rates (in comparison with contractors) and providing to Milk Processing Company against decent returns.
4. CONCLUSION: By incorporating above stages, a village starts a journey on Empowerment, Growth & Productivity. Their basic needs like education of kids, health, ambulance service, Girls vocational center are available for free or at nominal charges. Graduates get the employment in native villages. Schools / Mosque rooms are well looked after and remain clean by exercising student’s leadership program. Community members without any discrimination get product Micro Finance (0% interest on long terms Loans) in shape of Sewing machine, bicycle & goats to enhance their earning. Local farmers would get subsidized rates of Agro Inputs on credit for maximized profits to gain economical independence. Kawish team gets improved packages & meet most of the management expenditures from earned profits from services. DONORs amounts are utilized at Amazingly lowest management expenses on the desired projects with maximized efficiency.
Iqra Schools can be opened in 01 week’s time. Unprivileged kids are waiting towards your support to get empowerment.

• Opening of 02 new Kawish Iqra Schools at Sargodha:

02 Iqra Schools have been opened up in the area of Mid Ranjha and Wah Miana, hence increasing the number to 04 at Sargodha District. The teachers have been provided necessary training as per KAWISH SOP. Also, free books have been provided to the students.
The Donors / Patron for Sargodha cluster schools, Mr. Saleem A. Ranjha (Akhuwat-Islamabad) is keen to promote Iqra Schools expansion in Sargodha and adjacent areas to form a larger cluster.

• Survey of 05 new Kawish Iqra Schools completed:

Survey of another 05 new Iqra Schools in Sindh & Punjab has completed which are now about to be opened.

• Installation of hand pumps of sweet water for people in villages around Badin: (Flood Relief)

The installation of 35 hand pumps completed in the remote villages of Badin/Sindh before the month of Ramadan. The job was undertaken by Mr. Mahmud ul Haq, an active member of Kawish Sindh team headed by Mr. Amir Hassan, Director Kawish Sindh for providing sweet drinking water to the flood affected people who were facing difficulty for the search of drinking water. In each & every village, a custodian has been nominated who will take care of matters related to hand pumps and so can be contacted anytime.
Some of the villages and the custodians details is given below:
Village Number of families Custodian Contact#
Qazi Suleman Bhan 50 Abdul Ghafoor 03443341512
Saleh Bhatti 30 Ali Nawaz 03363504452
Mohammad Aslam 22 Mohammad Aslam 03332524849
Ghulam Rasool Khoso 25 Ghulam Rasool 03433197462
Murad Ali Khoso 50 Peeru Khoso 03413532270
Bachchu Khoso 50 Hussain 03433805015
Imam Baksh Khoso 50 Ghulam Hussain 03413414895
Umeed Ali Khoso 50 Hussain Baksh 03412670188
Abdullah Khoso 35 Abdullah Khoso 03412648225
Khuda Buksh Khoso 45 Khuda Buksh Khoso 03368011284
Shahnawaz Younus 50 Shahnawaz Younus 03332528693
Mohammad Hussain Mallah 70 Mohammad Hussain Mallah 03473707802
Masjid e Aqsa 45 Akbar 03332538017
Laghari 200 Allah Dino Laghari 03332526506
Goth Chaudhary Fazal 35 Waqas Shah 03455681086
Haji Rafi 12 Haji Rafi 03312681767
Malik Nasir 17 Malik Nasir 03456568907
Panjab Chak 35 Chaudhry Ashfaq 03458816426

• Food Package Details:

You may contribute to distribute following package to the most deserving families in remote areas of Punjab, KPK & Sindh. Package cost is Rs.3000/-each. Kawish will bear the logistics & transportation cost without incorporating management expenses.
S.No. Item Quantity
1 Sultan Ghee/ Cooking Oil 5 Kgs
2 Sugar 5 Kgs
3 Flour 10 Kgs
4 Vermicelli/ Siwayyan 1 Kg
5 Split Bengal Gram/ Daal Chana 1 Kg
6 Split Red Lentils/ Daal Masur 1 Kg
7 Split Black Gram/ Daal Mash 1 Kg
8 Split Green Gram/Daal Mong 1 Kg
9 Rooh Afzaa 1 bottle of 1.5 liters
10 Rice 4 Kgs
11 Tea Pack 250 grams
12 Dates 1 Kg

• Machinery Provision:

Ultra Sound Machine- A new ultra sound machine has been purchased by the donation of Mr. Ahmed Awwab Hamza from Qatar for Al-Raheem Hospital. Mr. Atiq ur Rahman ( Director Medequip & Kawish Islamabad / KPK region) has supported us to procure state of the art machine at lowest cost. The diagnostics training shall be imparted to Kawish Gynae Team for the handling of poor patients at negligible cost.

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