Kawish: Monthly Newsletter (09-Jun-2012):

Welcome to our latest update. We pray that all your efforts and contributions are accepted and your kindness is rewarded. Ameen. Details of our latest activities are as following.

• Drinking water for people: (Flood Relief)

Mr. Amanullah Khan and other associates are committed to provide fresh water to the residents in the flood affected area of Sindh. In this connection, Kawish Sindh team conducted a research on this initiative in the area of Badin, where flood relief activities are going on for the last one year. The options of providing filtered drinking water as well as fresh well water through hand pumps have been explored.
Different villages within the district of Badin were taken into account where people are facing below problems:
- Acute shortage of water.
- Water being brought from distance away.
- Saltish water.
The number of families residing in these villages was also reviewed. Based on the survey and discussion with local residents, following proposals were put forth:
a) To focus on setting up fresh water wells using hand pumps rather than to provide filtered drinking water as there is no electricity in these villages for prolonged hours and at times for days, hence any filtration plant will remain inactive thus negating the purpose. Secondly, it would be expensive to install such plants. The cost of digging for a fresh water well is around Rs10,000~12,000 depending upon the depth of the well.
b) Digging fresh water wells and then transporting the water to their village through pipes.
This means that the cost of setting up the pipes to carry the water will be extra. Once, we have the data from the remaining villages, we will then review all details in terms of availability, number of families being benefitted and the cost and then finalize the remaining spots.

• Education:
Iqra Schools:

“Education is a companion which no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate & no nepotism can enslave.”
Allah Almighty has given us an opportunity to serve the humanity by opening fifth Iqra Primary School in Rawalpindi/Islamabad area. The school formally inaugurated on April 28th, 2012 at Chattar, a village of Rawalpindi having beautiful landscape and surrounded by mountains.
Mr Abou Bakr Kaleem on behalf of Pak German Welfare & Cultural Association e. V., Duisburg has signed a contract with Kawish to support this school for next 03 years (till maturity). Association will also provide full uniform (02 uniforms+ shoes) to the students.
Most of the villagers are either local transport drivers or labors. Their average monthly income falls between Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 5000/-. Majority of the villagers cannot afford to admit their children in any of the private schools due to the high fees charged by them. Parents were interviewed to evaluate their views regarding education of their children. The decision to open school was finalized after satisfactory evaluation. Within 2 weeks, more than 42 students got themselves registered for selection in school. However, final selection was made keeping in view the basic criteria. Kawish Welfare Trust focuses on children who cannot afford education mainly from the areas where there is a lack of facilities and awareness.
The teacher, Miss Neelam, worked hard and prepared students to perform for the inauguration ceremony. The ceremony was attended by parents of students and the following members of Kawish Regional Advisory Council:
Dr. Amir Qayyum (Prof of IT- MAJU-Isbd)
Mr. Faisal Khan (Oracle-Isbd)
Mr. Atiq-ur-Rehman (Medequips – Isbd/KPK)
Children actively participated in different events and performed well despite short duration for preparation. Their performances were enjoyed by all the participants. Later, gifts were distributed among students as a gesture of encouragement. Parents thanked Kawish Team for helping them fulfilling their dreams.
We thank Allah Almighty for giving us an opportunity to be a part of this journey of spreading light. We intend to continue this effort and open new schools Insha’Allah. May Allay bless all concerned with great strength so that education may be provided to more deserving children.

• Opening of new Iqra schools at Sargodha

As a part of our expansion program, 02 Iqra Schools have been opened up in the area of Wah Miana, Sargodha District .i.e. Iqra School I in Wah Miana Colony and Iqra School II in Jhoolpur. The teachers have been equipped with the necessary training as per KAWISH SOP. Also, free books have been provided to the students.
The spade work for opening of 02 more schools in Sargodha is being done and hopefully these schools will start by the end of this month. The Donors / Patron for Sargodha cluster schools is Mr. Saleem A. Ranjha (Akhuwat-Islamabad) who has shown interest to promote Iqra Schools expansion in Sargodha and adjacent areas to form a larger cluster. Mr. Muneeb Wahad Khan (Telecom-Saudi Arabia) has sown consent to support Iqra schools at sargodha.

• Opening of new Iqra schools at Lahore

Five new schools have started in & around Lahore city with the help of our donor SIE from Akabri Chemicals Group.

• Eye Camp (26th- 27th May, 2012):

Monthly eye camp was held at Al-Raheem Hospital on May 26th- 27th , 2012. Approx. 100 OPD patients were treated & Phaco surgeries were performed by the skilled doctors and other paramedical staff at subsidized rates of Rs. 1500 each. We cover 100 villages for Cataract surgery, OPD once per month. (Last Saturday/ Sunday of the month). Our cost per surgery is approx. Rs. 5000 each. We charge Rs. 1500 only from each patient (surgery / lens implantation) and provide logistics costs (accommodation / meals) for free. Our OPD fee is Rs. 50/patient.
We have state of the art Phaco machinery, excellent operating conditions backed by Generators for uninterrupted power supply. Team leader is an experienced & skilled Ophthalmologist ( In association with POB-Prevention of Blindness Trust headed by Dr. Intzar Butt) supported by Kawish local paramedical staff.

• Machinery Provision

Generators - Sheikh Majid Naseer gifted 02 Nos. generators, 6 KVA each for Al-Rahman & Al-Raheem Hospitals where there is scorching heat during this summer and the generators would give a sigh of relief to the patients, VTI Trainers, Girls students & staff members so that they could at least use fans.
Ultra Sound Machines/Equipment- Ahmed Awwab Hamza from Qatar made a donation, which is being used for the purchase of Ultra Sound Machines and some other necessary equipments for Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem Hospitals. Medequips would support us to procure good machines at lowest cost. Advanced diagnostics Training shall be given to Kawish Gynae Team for the approaching poor patients at negligible cost.
This augmentation will add value to the services provided by both hospitals.

• Annual Increments

We are thankful to Izhar Group & Shafi Group who enabled us in giving an annual raise in salaries to over 100 teachers/staff members of Kawish Welfare Trust amounting to Rs 125,000/- per month for the year 2012-2013.

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