Kawish Regular Update


Our survey teams shall complete their survey within 10 days in the areas of Kot Addu & Charsadda for the following support;4000 Quilts ( Approx. Rs. 950 each) : Total cost Rs. 4.0 million 4000 underlay ( Durries @ Rs. 250 each from Faisalabad) Rs. 1.0 million 500 Cataract surgeries by mid of next month with the help of (Prevention of Blindness trust) Dr. Intzar Butt costing Rs. 1.0 Million.

Rehabilitation activity: Houses will be built / refurbished / repaired at Kot Addu / Charsadda with the help of IZHAR Group & SHAFI Group Costing Rs. 22.5 Million. Approximately 1000 families (7000 nos. people) shall be rehabilitated permanently, Insha Allah.

We will provide detailed update next week along with remittance / expenditure sheet & pictures. Insha Allah.


Weather Temperatures have dropped sharply in last few days. So, to cater for this change we have taken following immediate steps;

New Schools:

Inshallah 03 NEW SCHOOLS will be started from 1st October, costing @ Rs. 7,000/- each per month (35 kids each school). This would take our total tally of Iqra schools to 87 nos. and current students to 2551.

Quarterly Exams:Exams being conducted under proper system & supervision.

Eye Camp:Monthly eye camp will be held on 25 & 26 of this month. Inshallah 35- 50 cataract surgeries are expected to take place during this visit.

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