Kawish Update: Earthquake/Flood victims Relief Activity & Qurbani Details - 2013 (23-Oct-2013):

Earthquake/Flood victims Relief Activity: 4000 Qty Quilts project worth Rs. 4.8 million
We have planned to distribute quilts among 4000 people to combat extreme winter conditions.

• Siddiq Shafi Trust
• Izhar Group
• Shafi Reso-Chem
• Diya Pakistan
• Customs Health Care Society
• Serving Humanity-UK
• Akhuwat – Pakistan
• Sigma Motors (Range Rover) & Amanullah Khan Sb
• Star Corporation
• MHF - Canada
• Dr. Zaheer at Care, Islamabad
• Dr. Abdullah – Islamabad
• Dr. Rizwan Haider & Associates – Canada
• Abu Bakar Kaleem sb – Germany
• Arif Mirza sb – Bahrain
• Asid ur Rehman sb – KSA
• Hameed Ahmad sb – KSA
• Iqbal Ashraf sb – Karachi
• Shahid Rasool Ch. sb - Canada

Considering the bone chilling cold which will hit Balochistan, soon, we have started working on Quilts Project, quantity 4000 nos., worth Rs. 4.8 million for Earthquake victims in the areas of Mushkey and Awaran, Balochistan hit by 7.7 magnitude earthquake on September 24th 2013.
We have targeted 1000 families and hence 04 quilts each family shall be distributed for free. Distribution will be done by our partner Customs Health Care Society. (pls. find more details of Dr Asif Jah sb activities as below) These quilts are being made at 02 Female Vocational Training Institutes of Kawish. We have made two teams of VTI Girls and also outsourced some skilled ladies from adjacent villages for meeting the deadline. The first consignment of 1000 quilts will be ready by October 25th to be shipped for Balochistan insha Allah.

Quilt Tag:

Each quilt will have a tag and the Written Statement shall promote binding & love between the Baloachi Brothers with the communities living in other provinces.

The quilts specs are as follows:

Current activity under process:

Some pics of previous activity as below (quilt, stitching, stock, packing):

Dr. Asif Jah Sb ( President – Customs Health Care Society) Article published in Daily Jang pertaining to his week long visit to earthquake affected areas with his dedicated team. Kawish Welfare Trust is honored to collaborate with Customs Health care on distribution of Quilts to victims.

Qurbani Booking (24 cows & 19 goats):
1. 17 cows @ Rs. 56,000 each Rs. 952,000.
2. 17 Goats@ Rs. 17,000 each Rs. 289,000.
3. 01 cow at Karachi for school Kids.
4. 02 Goats were Gifted by our donor based in Lahore.
5. 06 Cow’s meat ( approx 1000 kg) were donated by Turkish Organization.
(Brother Ibrahim & Brother Turgat Puyan entrusted Kawish team to distribute meat among Flood victims adjacent to River Sutluj)

We have Rs. 36,125 left as Surplus amount after deducting costs such as purchasing of animals, transportation, feeding & security in last week, slaughtering wages, packing, distribution in 65 schools in respective villages along with Turkish Meat distribution at SATLUJ River. The amount Rs. 66,300 were retrieved from Skin / hides sale. So, total amount Rs. 102,425 shall be distributed to 130 orphans (@rs 600 each) & balance amount to most deserving 14 volunteers as a humble token to appreciate their efforts who have dedicated 02 priceless Eid days for this noble act.
The meat was distributed among 2900 families. We are thankful to Donors for entrusting Kawish. We appreciate the hard work of 65 teacher members, 14 volunteers at base office, Lahore & Karachi office executives to finish it to the perfection with the support of Allah Almighty. We apologize for any inconvenience or delay in getting back to your queries.
We pray that all Qurbanis & associated humble efforts are accepted.
Qurbani pics:
I. Meat distributed to Poor students of Kawish – Iqra Schools in 65 villages:

II. Meat Gifted by Turkish Brothers & distributed to Flood Victims:

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