Kawish: Update (13-Mar-2013):

Welcome to March 2013 update!


- Expansion of new Iqra schools
a. 06 schools by Iqtedar Ahmed Welfare Trust
b. 01 school by Mr. Ahmed Muneeb (UAE)
c. 10 Iqra Schools at Rahim Yar Khan
d. Upcoming schools in Sahiwal, Vehari and Bahawalnagar & Bahawalpur

- Inter School Competition at Saiban-Kawish Iqra Schools at Raheem Yar Khan

- Primary Board Examination Session 2010-2013

- Brilliant Old Students of Iqra Schools get Solar Panels under Chief Minister Scheme

- Visit of Delegation from Bahawalpur

- Solar Solutions for Schools/Mosques & Water Pumps in Badin

- Micro Finance Project: Akhuwat Pakistan ~ Kawish Joint Venture

- Monthly Eye Camp

- Visit of an Associate Professor from Toyo University, Japan to Iqra schools

- Rural Tele Medicine (RTM) Development

- Brain Storm’s uploading Kawish presentation on Apps of Android/ Iphones

Iqra Schools’ Expansion:

a. Sponsoring of 06 Iqra School by Iqtedar Ahmed Welfare Trust

Iqtedar Ahmed Welfare Trust has joined hands with Kawish for sponsoring 06 new Iqra Schools for the session 2013-2016 in remote villages. So a number of 210 kids will be added this way to already existing number of 4200 Iqra students. Also, they have sponsored for installation of Solar Solutions ( 04 bulbs + 01 fan) for all schools @ USD 250 each. This would help kids to study in better environment during the day and have option to complete their home work in the evening in well lit area while their houses remain in darkness due to unscheduled load shedding.

Some of the pictures of the schools are as follows:

b) Sponsoring of Kawish Iqra School by Mr. Ahmed Muneeb (UAE):

Mr. Ahmed Muneeb of UAE, one of our donors, has started support of 01 Iqra School for Girls in a far- flung village, the snaps are given below:

c) Raheem Yar Khan: 10 Iqra Schools under Saiban- Kawish umbrella:

05 Iqra Schools are already functioning at Rahim Yar Khan under Saiban-Kawish umbrella. 05 more schools are being added in the area of Bagh-O-Bahar under Saiban-Kawish umbrella thus increasing the total number to 10 schools.

d) Proposed Expansion ( In progress):

i) Vehari: 06 new Iqra Schools likely to be added in Vehari sponsored by Zakir Khan Family.
ii) Bahawalapur: 05 new Iqra Schools expected for opening in Bahawalpur by Mr. Ather Khan
iii) Sahiwal: 03 new Iqra Schools in the area of Sahiwal.
iv) Bahwalnagar: 13 schools completed their term 2010-2013. Therefore, 13 new schools consisting of 455 kids replenished including 05 schools of Maria Helena Foundation, Canada. Kawish has an agreement of 15 schools sponsorship with Maria Helena Foundation – Canada headed by Dr. Prof Muhammad Iqbal Sb.

Current schools are 114 numbers. The total number of schools would go up to 123 within two months, hopefully. Current chart would be as follows;

Inter School Competition at Saiban-Kawish Iqra Schools Raheem Yar Khan:

Saiban Foundation organized an interschool competition in Qiraat, Naat, Speech, Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, relay race, tug of war etc. on February 28th amongst the IQRA schools at Raheem Yar Khan. The event was quite impressive and very well organized by the family of Mr. Noor Abid ( Chartered Accountant at Bahrain and CEO of Saibaan) . These activities are normally performed by formal schools only where students pay moderate to very high fee and then avail this opportunity of healthy activity.
All the people were immensely amused and later children who performed well, got medals/prizes from the management.

e) 03 Brilliant Old Students of Iqra Schools get Solar Panels under Chief Minister Scheme:

03 old brilliant students of Kawish Iqra Schools were awarded with Solar Panels; one to each student, under Chief Minister Punjab Scheme, Ujala, who recently appeared for 9th Class High Secondary Board Examination and secured more than 60% marks.

Visit of a delegation from Bahawalpur: March 31’2013 ( Sunday):

A delegation from Bahawalpur comprising of intellectuals, educationists and philanthropists is planning a visit to Bahwalnagar on March 30th-31st 2013 to see the microfinance activities, RTM (Rural Tele Medicine) working, Iqra schools, vocational training center etc. This will be a One-day Program and we cordially invite our donors / friends to register with us in case of their visit plan to Bahawalnagar.

***This is an open invitation.***

Solar Solutions for Schools/Mosques in Bahawalnagar & Rahim Yar Khan and Water Pumps in Badin:

1. Dr. Mushtaq Mughal, an Orthopedic Consultant from U.K, has donated for 02 Solar Panels (@Rs. 25000/- each) & 02 Water hand pumps @Rs. 12000/- to be installed in Badin, Sindh.
2. M/s Iqtedar Ahmed Welfare Trust has donated for 06 Solar Panels to be installed at Schools/Mosques in villages.
3. 02 Solar panels being given by Kawish own resource.
4. 10 solar panels being installed by Mr. Noor Abid of Saiban at schools/mosques in Raheem Yar Khan.

Micro Finance:
Micro Finance Project : A Joint Venture of Akhuwat Pakistan ~ Kawish for Bicycles and Sewing Machines Distribution on interest-free installments:

On the arrival of guests from Iqtedar Ahmed Welfare Trust on 24th February 2013, 40 Bicycles and 40 Sewing Machines were distributed among the deserving people of villages on interest-free installment repayments. This is being done regularly as a move of our joint efforts with Akhuwat for helping poor people towards their self-sustainability. Since year 2008, more than 3000 families have been benefitted with the Microfinance, A joint venture of Akhuwat & Kawish.

Eye Camp:

As usual Eye Camp was held on February 23rd -24th 2013 (last Saturday & Sunday) at Al-Rahim Hospital as part of our commitment for continual growth in medicine. People in the villages resist surgery due to low income. Kawish realized this problem and has been holding eye camps every month since 2005 by providing modern way of surgery using the state-of-the art equipment. We are also developing awareness in villages and cataract patients in the villages now have increased expectations and confidence for the positive, safe and quick recovery from the surgery. The cost per surgery is Rs. 5000/- approx. (=US$ 53.00) whereas we are charging Rs. 1500/- ( 15 USD) only.
Pictures of OPD & surgery are given below;

Visit of an Associate Professor from Toyo University,Japan to Iqra school:

An Associate Prof. of Toyo University, Dr. Nejima Susumu and Mr. Nadeem Shafique of Himmat Trust visited Iqra school in Lahore on behalf of Japan Islamic Trust (JIT) headed by Haroon Qureshi Sb. The gentlemen were shown around schools and briefed complete educational & empowerment system.

Rural Tele Medicine (RTM) further development:

Two Spokes in villages are now connected to the RTM Hub and on an average approx 100 patients are being checked by a competent Doctor 6 days a week between 2.30 pm till 5.30 pm. Besides the benefit of higher medical consultation, each patient saves an amount of Rs. 1000/- by not travelling to the nearest town and is free from any tiring journey. A saving of Rs 100,000 a day. Shafi Group and Izhar Group are supporting in this noble cause.
Acquiring Soon:
• We are also reviewing for introducing basic vaccination facility at both functioning Spokes for the babies till the age of 12 months.
• Spade work is being done for opening up 05 Spokes, one each in Vehari, Raheem Yar Khan, Sargodha and two in Bahawalnagar. By adding these Spokes, the number of patients will go up to 400 per day.

Doctors: Appeal to register:
We need volunteer doctors from all over to the world who would spare some of their precious time while staying back at their homes and get connected via Skype to the remote villages in Pakistan. Please send your consent at: management@kawish-welfare-trust.org

M/s BrainStorm’s complimentary service to upload Kawish Apps at Android/ I phones:

Brainstorm has uploaded KWT presentation on Apps of Android /Iphones. You may have a quick review of Kawish presentation. We thank Brainstorm team for providing their complementary services to Kawish.

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