Kawish: Update (27-Jun-2013):

Welcome to June 2013 update!


- Alternate energy resources at Rural 02 HUBS: Installation of 2x40 CBM Biogas units in collaboration with REON Energy Solutions

- Support for the installation of Solar Systems in Iqra Schools/Mosques by Dr. Mushtaq Mughal sb, Afaq Khan sb & Noor Abid sb

- Monthly Eye Camp

- Iqra Schools

a. Arrangement of Books, Mats & Ceiling Fans for Iqra schools
b. 08 schools opened by the support of donors
c. Kawish Iqra Schools Complete List

- Ultrasound facility at Al-Raheem Complex

- Desperate calls for water wells from Badeen villages - Sindh. (cost Rs. 12,000 each per village)

- Water Purification Sachets provision to Iqra schools Kids sponsored by Amanullah Khan sb.

- More Health centers at FATA, RYK areas & Development in RTM (Rural Tele Medicine)

Installation of 2x40 Biogas units:

TTechnology for capturing biogas and putting it to use has existed for a long time. But in the current scenario as Pakistan faces the brunt of the energy crisis, Kawish has started working on adding Biogas project for producing electricity as a part of contingency plan. This is in addition to the Solar Panels installed for uninterrupted power supply at Al-Raheem & Al-Rahman Complex.
2x40 CBM Biogas units one in each zone; Al-Rahman & Al-Raheem are being planned. The total cost for both units will be approximately Rs. 500,000/-. Biogas is eco-friendly and will be produced from locally available raw materials e.g. Cow dung, green waste, plant material, crops etc.
Gas will be used for burning as well as generation of Power to supply electricity to Hospitals/schools/mosques, inshallah. One of the by-product Organic component i.e. fertilizers shall be returned to respective farmers (suppliers of cow dung) for the betterment of their lands.

Support for the installation of Solar Systems in Iqra School/mosques by Dr. Mushtaq Mughal sb, Afaq Khan sb & Noor Abid sb.:

Our respected donors Dr. Mushtaq Mughal sb, Afaq Khan sb & Noor Abid are supporting for the installation of Solar System each having capacity of 80watts in Iqra schools/mosques in villages of Bahawalnagar & Raheem Yar Khan. So far, 35 have been installed / supplied. The pics of some of them are given below. We will be sharing more pics of the same in our next update.

Eye Camp:

The Monthly eye camp held on 25-26th May, 2013 was successfully completed. Despite of scorching summers, the response of patients was good; 69 OPD patients were treated and 11 Cataract Surgeries were performed. Due to extreme hot weather, the patients count has been decreased.
We are stepping up our activities for monthly Eye Camp thereby increasing awareness and publicizing more in villages about cataract and its economical solution offered by Kawish.

Iqra Schools:

a. Arrangement of Books, Floor Mats & Ceiling Fans for Iqra schools:

During the last week of May 2013, our team had been tremendously busy in arranging and dispatching latest curriculum books, ceiling fans, mats to remote iqra schools which would benefit around 3500 students.

b. 08 schools opened by the support of Donors:

08 new Iqra schools have been started in villages in South Punjab, the pics are as follows:
We are thankful to our donors; Mr. Irfan Hashmi, Dr. Usman Haider, Dr Azed Afzaal Mr. Ali Khokhar, Mr. Iftikhar Hussian, Mr. Ahsan Latif (also a member of Central Advisory Council of Kawish), Hameed Ahmad sb, Adnan sb, Ahmad sb & Shahid Hameed sb who are ready to support Kawish Iqra Schools. We would also like to express our gratitude to Muneeb Wahad Khan (Kawish Honorary Regional Head KSA) for hosting a grand Dinner at Riyadh & introduced Kawish to Mr. Kaleem Asghar, Mr. Waseem Ahmad Janjua, Mr. Asad Ali Shah, Mr. Zeeshan Qazi & Mr. Naveed Qazi who would be sponsoring Iqra schools.

c. Kawish Iqra Schools’ List:

It is a pleasure for us that 4000 kids (of both genders) are getting the benefit of free education across the country and more than 100 teachers are employed.

Ultrasound facility at Al-Raheem Complex:

The Ultrasound facility at Al-Raheem started on May 17th, 2013 under the supervision of Dr. Ghulam ullah. Initially, the number of patients were extremely low which is now increasing every week as ultrasound tests are held on Fridays only. This covers issues related to Gynae & Obstetrics, Abdomen (Kidneys, Liver, Gall bladder, Pancreas, Spleen, Urinary bladder) in remote area. The patients are charged a nominal fee of Rs. 50/- only.

Fresh Water Wells/Hand pumps:

So far, we have completed the installation of 90 fresh water hand pumps in the areas of Badin and Thar.
We have received 25 requests by desperate and deprived people in interior villages in the Sindh area who have to travel miles to fetch water as there are no fresh water wells nearby. The total expense of one hand pump is around Rs. 12000/- per village of 30 familes.

Water Purification Sachets sponsored by Amanullah Khan Sahib:

Mr. Amanullah Khan has sponsored a program of water purification sachets. The sachet cleanses the water in five minutes and makes it worth drinking. This is done by adding a sachet into 10 liters (2.6 gallons) of water and stirring it for five minutes, thick layers of impurities settle down and then the water can be filtered using a clean piece of cloth. This is a good, cheap and handy solution for purifying water for the developing countries like Pakistan where there is a scarcity of drinking water.
1000 sachets have already been distributed among Iqra schools. A demand for additional 10,000 sachets is being looked into for distribution.

Self sustainability of Brilliant Youth: Hunarmand Kawish Program:

Mr. Omar Khan & Mr. AFAQ Khan have come up with a Unique program for a sizeable project under Kawish in a drive towards self-sustainability of potential Youth. The project will be called Hunarmand Kawish.
The methodology would be to cater the needs of small businesses in the local area by lending easy and interest free loans to the poor people. This amount is the outcome of yearly profits from a WAQF. In 02 years, 50 candidates shall get Rs. 50,000/- each while WAQF amount shall remain invested. Each candidate shall be picked by the Kawish Teachers and shall be groomed to become a successful person in terms of income. Our team shall consider feasibilities presented by each applicant and shall sign a 02 years contract for the return of amount (Interest Free) which will be redistributed among the awaiting applicants. So on and so forth. Each year the applicants would grow as profits earned from Waqf amount would rise.
The probable crafts’ list is as follows: 1. Carpenter / wood worker:
Carpenters needs to buy the Tools / woods for making different kinds of furniture etc.
2. Welder/iron worker;
Welder will purchase the welding plant and will run his business. He can also purchase the generator for solving the issue of Grid shutdown for the continuation of his work.
3. Merchant/ Grocery shop:
Merchant will invest amount to purchase the Karyana items like ghee, sugar, pulses, rice, tea, soap and so many other items to run his business.
4. Vegetables / shop ,Cart:
Person can buy the fresh vegetables from Mandi and will sale out at his shop or in villages on cart etc.
5. Goats / for Trading:
By investing the amount the person can buy the different kinds of goats from the villages and sale out in the nearest Mandi for profitability.
6. Cycle spare parts, tyre, tube puncture :
The person will purchase the spare parts of cycle like tyre tube and other material from the market and will sale out /repair the same at his shop etc.
More businesses:
• Tailor Shop.
• Cow/ Buffalo Feed stock Business:
• Cart prepared to connect to Motor cycle for transportation of goods.

More Health centers at FATA, RYK areas & Development in RTM (Rural Tele Medicine):

RTM (Rural Tele Medicine), after its launch, is now working smoothly. At the moment, 02 remote E-clinics in Bahawalnagar area are fully functional checking approximately 150 patients daily.
Setting up more E-Clinics is being worked upon by Kawish, the proposed areas are::
• Raheem Yar Khan in collaboration with Saibaan (Noor Abid sb). Recently inaugurated by Saibaan and working perfectly for facilitating poor.
• Sargodha (To be inaugurated by Saleem Ranjha sb & Muneeb Wahad Khan)
• JSI Gulberg, Lahore
• Thanedar wala,15 km east of Lakki (on the bank of Mighty Indus River), in the Bannu district (FATA: Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan ) sponsored by Arsalan Khan Sb & Sadiq Khan sb. There is no such health care facility in a radius of 30 km.

Once we have the above four clinics functional, the number of patients being remotely checked by our doctors at RTM Hub (in Lahore) is likely to go up to 500 or above on daily basis in 06 Remote E-clinics.

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