Kawish: Ramadan Update II (27-Jul-2013):

Welcome to Ramadan update II!

Installation of 2x40 Biogas units:

Spade work for the installation of 2x40 biogas units in collaboration REON Energy Solutions on turn-key basis is in progress and will complete in 02 months period.

2x40 CBM Biogas units one in each zone; Al-Rahman & Al-Raheem are being planned. The total cost for both units will be approximately Rs. 500,000/-. Biogas is eco-friendly and will be produced from locally available raw materials e.g. Cow dung, green waste, plant material, crops etc.
Gas will be used for burning as well as generation of Power to supply electricity to Hospitals/schools/mosques, inshallah. One of the by-product Organic component i.e. fertilizers shall be returned to respective farmers (suppliers of cow dung) for the betterment of their lands.

Eid/Ramdan gifts for Iqra Schools Teachers, Staff Members & Orphans:
i) Eid/Ramdan gifts for Iqra Schools Teachers & Staff Members:

Over the past several years, persistent rising prices have become a chronic problem in Pakistan’s national life. They have given rise to widespread distress, especially among people who are already living at the subsistence level and also among those in the fixed income group, viz., wage earners and the salaried classes. Majority of the teachers are in the salary bracket of Rs. 3500-6500 per month take home and we can imagine how difficult their life would be to sustain. How we can get performances from them; is a million dollar question.
Considering this grave problem, Alhumdolillah, we are issuing amount for the subject category to 12 Iqra Coordinators / Cluster Heads and 152 Teachers/ within first fortnight of Ramadan.
These 164 Beneficiaries ( Valued Partners in our education system) belong to 10 numbers regions all over Pakistan where Iqra schools are operating i-e ; Peshawar, Islamabad, Sargodha, Multan, Vehari, Lahore, Bahawalnagar, Raheem Yar Khan, Badin and Karachi.
Hope this would help bring some sigh of relief in this blessings-enriched holy month of Ramadan.
We want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all donors for supporting this noble cause and especially Shafi Group, Izhar Group Dr. Abu Abdullah & Dr. Abdul Rehman Mohsin – Isbd. for their continuous patronage.

ii) Eid/Ramdan gift of Clothes to the poor Orphans:

The joy and happiness the gifts bring to orphans is one of the most beautiful acts one can witness. Mr. Shahzad A. Malik very well realizing this fact donated for clothing to 120 Orphan students as an Eid gift. The clothes were distributed among the orphan students in ceremonies held on 19th July 2013 at Al-Rahman & Al-Raheem Complexes.
The donation served in two ways; first the orphans students got new clothes which they will wear on the eve of Eid, secondly VTI poor girls got some work to do for which they have been paid a token amount.
Every child counts, it’s our role to care and support orphans and other vulnerable children in our communities.

Micro Finance:
1. A Joint Venture of Akhuwat Pakistan ~ Kawish for Bicycles and Sewing Machines Distribution on interest-free installments
2. Goat Recycling Project in collaboration with Mr. Afaq Khan (UAE)

Steady jobs and reliable sources of income elude the very poor. Kawish having its roots in villages took the pulse of the region and introduced a community-based system that provides mutual support and encourages personal empowerment. This helps poor villagers build their assets and improve their standard of living.
1. In this connection, on 24th July 2013, 30 Bicycles, 20 Sewing Machines & 20 Goats of worth Rs. 600,000/- were distributed among the needy villagers as a step towards self sustainability. Total beneficiary families are approx 3000 numbers since it’s inception.
2. Kawish with the help of donors, pledged support to fund the implementation of Goat Recycling Project which commenced on 14th November 2009. The project was launched with a substantial amount of Rs. 2,900,000/- distributing 250 goats along with 491 off springs in 30 villages. Now over the period of almost 4 years, goats (alongwith offsprings) of Rs. 12 million have been distributed with 100% recovery which is a big success. Mashallah.

Support for the installation of Solar Systems in Iqra School/mosques:

Donors from UAE, UK, Bahrain have joined hands with Kawish in our drive for illuminating villages with the help of Solar Panels each having capacity of 100watts. This really helps where life is crippled after dusk till dawn due to non-availability of light /electricity for long hours. Due to the recent price hike, the solar panel has increased and is now available @ 285 USD.
Each panel comprises of the following:
a) 02 x 6 watts bulbs.
b) 01 x21 watts pedestal fan.
In recent increased activity during Ramadan, the people have attained great benefit while praying in Mosques as unscheduled load shedding in rural areas is up to 12-15 hours/ day.

Ambulance Service:

The importance of ambulance services is immense in saving of lives, as the slightest delay could be fatal. The purpose of the ambulance services is to ensure that citizens’ lives are saved and protected, no matter their location and time of day when an emergency call is made. Hence 02 ambulances are available round the clock 24/7 to deal any kind of emergency at extremely low rates considering the low income group of people in villages.

Rural Tele Medicine (RTM):

After Eid ul Fitr, our activities will increase by adding more E-clinics in proposed areas of Lakki Marwat, Sargodha, JSI & Raheem Yar Khan. Below are pics of the real-time consultation going on at Hub with patient at E-Clinic in remote village:
RTM activity at Hub supervised by a Senior Specialist:
Remote E-Clinic:

Request to Doctors all over the world:
Please get yourself Registered as volunteer doctor for RTM (Rural Tele Medicine). Form appended below:

We request Doctors from all over the world to spare few minutes from their precious time and provide online consultation via Skype to the poor and deserving people on weekly, monthly, quarterly basis whatever is suitable while staying back at their homes.
If willing, please send us back the below format duly filled out for our record.

Annual Performance Report 2012-2013:

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