Flood in Pakistan 2013: You commit we Pay immediately to Best Team (21-Aug-2013):

Dear Donors, Patrons and Well wishers,
Current situation & damages:

Due to recent countrywide torrential rains in Pakistan there has been a colossal damage leaving around 100 people dead, thousands of people homeless, extensive loss of property, crops, livestock and infrastructure as reported by NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority).
The outbreak of epidemics i.e. Gastro, Fever, Diarrhea, Scabies, Skin Infections, Malaria and Typhoid in flood-ravaged areas are being reported by the government authorities. To handle this situation, medical camps have been set up for the treatment of the sick people.
The Rescue Operations have been started by different government agencies but with limited coverage. Needs are being assessed for the relief of floods victims jointly by different NGOs working in Pakistan. Hence, a joint flood relief action plan is being initiated to carry out Rescue and Relief Operations by a consortium of 75 NGOs, TABA.

Coordinated Efforts under one Platform:

TABA (a consortium of 75 NGOs), of which Kawish is also a part, is formulating a coordinated strategy for the Rescue and Relief Operations at a very quick pace. In this hour of need, we want to make humble contributions and hence request you to please register your donations / pledges for this noble cause by sending emails. The help to the affected people is being channelized through Customs Health Care Society headed by Dr. Asif Jah who is already working in the flooded areas.

How to Donate:
For donations, please review our bank accounts details below or contact us via email / contacts numbers as below;


Sarfraz Ahmad: +92-3347428920
Shamshad Khan: +92-3004925569

Please ensure to get formal receipt of remittances followed by operational activity plan with pictures.

NOTE: For quick processing, you may also call / email us with your commitments and we will pay as soon as possible (within few hours !!!) on your behalf the donation amount to most Active TABA member engaged in relief operations. Your remittances against commitments shall replenish our resource pool, later.

Relief Actions taken up by ACTIVE TABA members:

Following are the proposed items which will be provided to the flood affected victims:

1. Tents: 1000 no.s (each tent for one family consisting of 5-7 persons)

2. Ration/Food Boxes: 20,000 no.s
Proposed Items in Ration/Food Boxes
- Rice
- Pulses
- Ghee/Cooking Oil
- Sugar
- Tea
- Powdered Milk
- Bengal Gram/Chana
- Biscuits
- Flour
- Besan Flour
- Rusk
- Mineral water
- Red chillies
- Salt
- Hot Spices/Garam Masala
- Mortein/Mospel (mosquito repellant)

May Allah reward you with Bounties in both worlds. Jazakallah Khair.

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