Kawish: Update (30-Nov-2012):

Welcome to our latest update.

A 100 pages Book on Kawish: “A Study of Change through Community Development” written by faculty members of Riphah International University :

An effort of faculty members of Riphah International University ( RCIB) finally transformed into a 100 pages beautifully designed book on Kawish which will help the MBA students to get in-depth knowledge & formation of NGO and how to make itself sustainable, therefore maximizing donation benefits transfer to poor community.

Utility back-up in rural areas using Solar Panels:

In continuation of our drive for Community Empowerment of the rural poor by enabling them to build their assets, take advantage of new opportunities and improve their wellbeing, we have introduced a new scheme of Solar Systems along with solar lamps, bulbs in the rural area against very nominal installments. This will help the poor people keep working without obstruction in the absence of electricity.
We are highly grateful to our respected donors from Paramount Distributors and Izhar Ltd who have supported us in installation of Solar Systems in mosques where our Primary Schools are operating. Hence, this would help us cope with exorbitantly high electricity bills and at the same time lightning 08 mosques in addition to Al-Rehman & Al-Raheem Complex working in multi dimensional activities for poor in the areas of Health & Education.

Al-Basit Micro Finance Project : A Joint Venture of Akhuwat Pakistan ~ Kawish for Bicycles and Sewing Machines Distribution on interest-free installments:

In addition to the above, 40 Bicycles and 30 Sewing Machines were distributed among the deserving people of villages on interest-free installment repayments. Since year 2008, more than 3000 families have been benefitted with the Microfinance joint venture of Akhuwat Pakistan & Kawish.

DSL Connectivity of remote Regional office with Lahore HUB: Advancement in Health & Education:

With the connectivity in place for remote Tele Conferencing, now we are all set for providing remote consultancy to the Teachers & local Doctors in remote villages for improvement in skills for onward efficient humanitarian practices for poor.

Installation of Bio Gas Units at villages:

Bio Gas experts having proven experience visited rural areas on November 18th 2012 in connection with the installation of Biogas Units. BioGas is produced by the fermentation of organic matter like animal waste, Cow and Buffalo dung, human waste and tree leaves. Biogas produces a smokeless flame and is environment friendly and that it is the best substitute for natural gas and costs less than all other energy resources. Its usage could pave the way for making the country self-reliant and would also help in the production of nitrogen-rich fertilizers. So, nutshell is that with available animal waste we shall be able to install small Biogas units in remote villages to provide i) gas for burning ( community kitchen) ii) Free Utility iii) Organic fertilizer. Another step towards self reliance in rural development.

Respect & Support for Orphans:

The total leftover amount of Rs. 120,000/- from Qurbani on Eid ul Adha was utilized by arranging a luncheon for the poor orphans of the villages. Also an amount of Rs. 1000/- in cash was disseminated among all the orphans studying in our Iqra Primary schools. This has already been shared with our respected donors at the time of Qurbani booking, so the Qurbani project finally concluded this way. Alhumdolillah. Capturing those emotional moments, below are some of the pics where our Donors, team members, sponsors & visitors had a good time with these precious kids.

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