Feedback: Animals' Sacrifice on the Eve of Eid ul Adha in Sindh & Punjab (04-Nov-2012):

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Animals’ Sacrifice (Qurbani):

On the eve of Eid ul Adha, animals’ sacrifice (Qurbani) was held at 04 places; Karachi , Kawish Base Camp at Badin, Al-Rehman Complex and Al-Raheem Complex both located in Punjab. 16 cows (112 shares) & 33 goats were sacrificed and meat was distributed among needy.

Qurbani Report:

1- 16 cows & 33 goats were sacrificed. Project total budget was Rs 1,318,500.
2- An amount of Rs. 120,000/- was left with us after procurement, deducting sacrifice expenses (sacrifice fee, food supplement for animals, transportation charges) & selling skins.
3- Some skins have been distributed to Hifz schools where the animals were kept.
The aforesaid amount Rs. 120,000 shall be distributed among orphans and widows and details shall be shared in next update. This has already been shared with our respected donors vide our earlier updates.
Below are the snaps of meat distribution shown among the flood affected people in the area of Sindh (Badin) where around 775 packs were distributed in villages viz-a-viz; Qaiser Hamdani, Ibrahim Malla, Soomar, Punjab Chak. Moreover, the students of Kawish Iqra Schools in Badin & Karachi were also facilitated with on this occasion.
During the meat distribution, as a norm, teachers of the Iqra Schools highlight the role & importance of Qurbani in Islam so that the children of Kawish Iqra Schools get a refresher of Islamic values on this auspicious occasion. Each student was given a pack of 1 kg of meat.

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