Flood Relief Activities-Update 009

Donors' response is highly motivating. We feel the responsibility to use these funds in highly efficient & effective manner keeping in view of extremely precious amounts in shape of Zakat for flood victims. For at least next six months, we have chalked out our plan / budgets to support 700 families (4,500 numbers) in Kot Addu, 900 families (7,000 numbers) in Charsaddah for food & shelter category. Most of the listed families with KWT are living in hospitals / schools & houses. Highly self esteemed families and can not beg / snatch food to make their living. We have designed honorable strategy for distribution of food.
Estimated Costs: Our estimated budget for food in both areas (Kot addu / Charsaddah) is Rs. 2.0 million per month. For tents provision, initially, we have allocated Rs. 2.5 million and can be increased 40%.
We are providing Approx. Rs 4,300 to 21 families (Total amount Rs. 90,000) in Mianwali village enabling them to repair their houses / walls. Since, water has been receded therefore; they preferred this amount over tents supplies for permanent rehabilitation.
We are focusing on TENTS, primarily. Pls. see below.

Area Expansion: Soon, we shall be entering to Rajan pur area inshallah in association with Punjab University Teachers/ Staff/ Volunteers.
Please deliver in-kind donations to our office in Lahore. Pls. Contact:,
Muhammad Arshad
Cell: +92-344-4034566
Asghar Munir Cell: +92-334-9966889
Kawish is giving 1000 Water Cans (01 Can Capacity = 10 Litters) to 1000 families of Kot Addu to facilitate them to bring water from far areas.

Mr. Salim Mastan (UAE):Our friend & Guru of Jatropha Crop & Emerging Energy Systems (Solar) along with his team mates active in UAE for Pakistan Flood relief funds generation. Feel the fabulous environment and feelings in UAE !!!

KWT Relief Territory - Kot Addu (South Punjab)

Alhamdullilah, we have Distributed 200 Tents to the Flood victims in Kot Addu. Families registered, marking on tents.Selection criteria…..> Old, widows, orphans, ill/ weak. Moreover order of 500 more Tents shall be placed, shortly.

1. Please find account details (remittances / expenses) as attached.
2. Also, pls. look into donor's code to ensure your remittance recorded, as name abbreviation & city is mentioned date wise:
3. Our management expenses are 0% for FLOOD RELIEF ACTIVITY!!! We ensure All (100%) amounts to reach to beneficiaries / flood victims. Please highlight any amount you feel inappropriate in attached excel sheet under expense head. Your critical inputs would be our asset & shall help us to maintain the transparent financial systems.
Our management expense (Very efficient, though) does exist and we cover it from;
A. Our business funds
B. KWT reserve funds
C. Personal sharing basis.

Kawish Organizational Collaborations:

Petarians & Abdalians ……….…….Mr. Kazi Zulqadar Siddiqui
Akhuwat Pakistan…………………..Dr. Amjad Saqib / Dr. Ajaz Hashmi ( organization coordinator)
MHF- Canada ………………………Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
Customs Health Care Society……..Mr. Dr. Asif Jah
Serving Humanity UK……………..Dr. Munir Ahmad / Engr. Shahzad Saleem-Lahore / Dr. Henna KhanUK / Dr. Rizwan Haider- Canada
Pak Students Association – Japan...Dr. Prof Tahir Khan –-Japan
Japan Islamic trust………………….Mr. Haroon Qureshi- Tokyo Japan.
Maven – UAE ……………………....Mr. Jawad Ahmad - UAE

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