Update: Eid-ul-Azha Qurbani:2011 & Sindh Flood Relief (009) (15-Nov-2011):

8th Visit to Badin: Current status of the community:

The flood water is receding as it naturally dries up. The houses build in this area are of bricks hence they were not completely destroyed but damaged due to standing water, which are being repaired slowly. The biggest damage is to the ready to harvest crops which has been completely destroyed and as the locals invest in raising the crops by loaning money to buy seeds and fertilizers on the commitments of paying them at harvest which is not possible now and has rendered vast majority of the folks as totally broke and in debt with no money to buy food and basic needs for their families. The biggest need at this time is of food and basic house hold amenities such as pots, dishes, clothing, bedding and as winter falls of warm coverings and quilts. Medical need is also required.
The areas that we are currently covering from our Badin campus are very happy and thankful for the relief packs we are providing them along with the current proceedings from the Qurbani. We are Inshallah working to provide some medical relief as well as 2200 no’s quilts (worth Rs 2.3 million) in the coming weeks to areas around our camps in Badin and Mirpur through Sigma Motors and other partner donors.

Qurbani: 2011:

Alhamdulillah, we have sacrificed Qurbani of 30 Goats & 18 Cows (30+ 126 = 156 shares worth Rs 1158, 000) at Eid-ul-Azha like previous years in 02 different areas. We are thankful to all of you (individuals, groups) for donating meat to brother hood who do not have this kind of luxury; not even a single time in a year, for some cases.
The amounts saved from efficient procurement and sale of skin has been around Rs 50,000. We shall distribute cash or food pack among most deserving families.

Conclusion / Summary:

According to our safe estimation, the meat 2400 kg has been distributed to 2200 families (approx 12000 individuals) including 1045 Students of Iqra schools by our team operating at 02 sites at sindh & Punjab.
find below a short detail about Qurbani pics, Booking details with name abbreviations etc;

1) Flood Affected Areas of Sindh

Kawish Karachi Head: Mr. Amir Hassan; +92-3469555510
Coordinator: Mr. Mehmood ul Haq; +92-3232286513
Team members: Kamal uddin.
• 14 Goats
• 12 Cows
Beneficiaries: 1200 families.
Residents of Badeen adjacent Villages namely; Soomar Panhor, Panjab Chak, and Tehsil: Tando Baro Dist. Badin of poor people, Suffered from flood.

Bahawalnagar: Kawish Educational / Health / microfinance / vocational training Cluster of 50 villages:

Branch Manger: Mr. Azhar Hussain ; +92-3344197595
Head Operations: Mr. Farid Sabir : +92-300-4690468
Team members: Tahir, Ijaz Ahmad, Zahid, Ajmal, Asif Saleem, Akhtar, Zaheer, Sanaullah
• 16 Goats
• 06 Cows
Beneficiaries: 1000 families.
IQRA teachers from 40 Villages came with a panel of 03 members (Imam Masjid & 02 Parents of IQRA students) from respective villages along with a list of school Students. Each teacher was given 01 Kg meat / per student & for panel members. The teachers held a brief ceremony in the Masjids of their respective villages and distributed the meat among all IQRA students.

Please find life time financial details of Flood relief activities pertaining to donations and expenditures as below;

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