Kawish Flood Relief Activities in Badin - Sindh (005):

Alhamdolillah, on Sunday, October 2, 2011 our Kawish Karachi Wing visited the flood affected areas which were selected after careful on ground information solicitation, verification and assessments to show that they are from the isolated areas where the relief is either not reaching through or is very thin and there is a desperate need for food and basic life saving amenities. In this regards the details of our latest visit and other previous visits are as under with some pictures. We are taking care on account of expenditures till we have solid interlinked set up takes full momentum. We shall be focusing relief activities followed by rehabilitation in near future.

Logistics & Donations:

We appreciate the support provided by our individual donors, International partners and local venture partners namely; Sigma Motors, MHF (Dr. Prof. M. Iqbal – Canada www.mariahelenafoundation.org ), Pak German Association ( Mr. Abou Bakar Kaleem) , Sutton ColdField Birmingham (UK) Citizen forum ( Led by Barrister Mirza Naveed Ahmad: http://www.mirzaahmad.freeserve.co.uk/) , PACRA (http://www.pacra.com/ Amanullah Khan ).

Please find donor’s list with amounts and Karachi office expenditure sheet as below for your information.

Our management expenses are negligible due to only volunteers’ activity therefore not incorporating salaries or traveling costs. Further more, we shall also bear management costs (meals, banners, personnel traveling etc.) from our own resources hence, will be refunded. Transportation cost Rs. 16,000 mentioned above is mobilizing cost of meal packets to badin via truck.

4 th Visit : District Matiari:

In this trip our team went to district Matiari and distributed relief packs to the qualified/ filtered people of three villages of Tayyab Dehri, Waddal Dehri and Kohru Dehri. Total number of relief packs distributed were 300 worth Rs.600K. From our team of volunteer we had Mahmud Ul Haq, Syed Kamal, Tipu Saeed, Faraz Jamil, Areesh Khan, Rasheed sb and others. The distribution was done out of a school compound called Nalo School, Tayyab Dehri UC 11178, Talluqa Saeedabad. These districts have been deeply impacted by the flood where people have not only lost their belongings but also their livestock and ready to harvest cultivations.

3rd Visit : Goth Biyan Singh:

On 24th September, there were 12 people in this trip where 100 food packets were distributed along, Water purification kits, Medicines, Chargeable Lanterns, Flour bags, Detol soaps, Gripe water, ORS.

2nd Visit : Sindhri:

On 22nd September, as part of joint efforts of Kawish Welfare Trust with Sigma Motors, we have provided 50 relief bags of the same items that were distributed past Sunday (18th Sept) to be airlifted to Sindri from PAF base on C130 that carried an emergency consolidated load of relief.

1st visit : Badin & Mirpurkhas:

On 18th September, Under Kawish & Sigma Motor’s joint venture 10 officials along with food packs moved to Mirpurkhas & 15 official along with food & utensils approached to Badin. Overall we distributed 300 food bags, and one food pack is sufficient for 3-4 persons for 10 to 15 days.

Please find the below Snaps of our latest visit:

You may join us on any trip from Karachi. Feel free to contact us.

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