Update: Flood Relief Activities in Sindh (014) / Dr. Sharyar’s (Cardiolgist) Visit / Eye Camp/ Iqra Kids: 775 enrollments (08-03-2012):

Welcome to our latest update. We pray that all your efforts and contributions are accepted and your kindness is rewarded. Ameen. Details of our latest activities are as following.

• Flood Relief Activities Sindh continues:

A) Distribution of Relief Packs: Distribution of around 700 relief bags containing below items was completed. Each bag cost around Rs. 2000/-.

B) Comments / Feedback from Beneficiaries:
• Ilyas - ID Card No 41101-6729522-7 - Cell No 0342-3503954 :
Comments: "We are poor people and this (Kawish Welfare Trust) is the only NGO that has provided relief goods to us"
• Abdus Sattar - ID Card No 41101-4258174-9 - Cell No 0346-2594529 :
Comments: "We are poor people living in affected areas and our land is flooded and this NGO has greatly helped us with provisions".
• Mohammed Usman - ID Card No 41101-8949409-5 - Cell No N/A :
Comments: "We are hopeful that this NGO would continue their help until our land is cleared of water"
• Ali Mohammed - ID Card No 41101-9896855-9 - Cell No 0342-3692224 :
Comments: "We have felt that Kawish is that NGO which feels empathy towards humanity and who have helped us in our difficult times"
• Habib-Ullah - ID Card No - 41101-8700414-9 - Cel No 0347-3092850 :
Comments: "We live in an area which is very far flung and no NGOs have been able to reach us and this is the only NGO that has helped us in our difficulties and in times of need"
• Mohammed Hussain - ID Card No 41101-6187271-3 - Cell No N/A :
Comments: "We have been given the relief goods in a good way and this NGO is among the first to reach us".
• We visited Dr. Abdullah Soomro at Bhittai Clinic, Khoski Road, Badin (0335-2526121) who is also General Secretary of Red Crescent Badin and who closed down his clinic for 2 months to render services for flood relief, to seek his support and cooperation on the distribution of medicines. He greeted us very warmly and when he came out of his clinic to see us off his remarks were "This is the only welfare that I have seen who came to meet me on a Rickshaw/ Qinqchi, otherwise people from NGOs only arrive on Air Conditioned Prados and Pajeros".

Alhamdolillah, the above is reflection of the spirit and dedication of all Kawish leadership, its team members, donors and sponsors. May Allah accept this from us and ensure that we remain steadfast.
C) The School Vacated From Water:
The upcoming school in the area of Badin which was flooded with water has been vacated from water in the area of Badin by extending our services to the local residents. The school is ready for functioning now.

• Supporting 58 Orphans:

Our activity for the distribution of below relief package to the selected orphan kids of the flood affected areas at Shabqadar & Utmanzai successfully accomplished in the area of Charsadda. The amount for the relief goods was contributed by 1) Serving Humanity,U.K. 2) Gil Poulos Welfare Trust, U.K. ,3) CASE Robotics, ISD 4) Live Tek, Peshawar. A package worth Rs. 2000/- each was designed keeping in view the basic needs of these kids. On 17th February 2012, relief packages were distributed in a well organized ceremony at Al-Khidmat Maternity Home, Charsadda. The package comprised of the following items:
S.No. Item Name Qty
1 School Bag 1
2 Copies 6
3 Geometry Box 1
4 Pencil Set 1
5 Uniform 1
6 Suit (Casual wear) 1
7 Soap 1
8 Toothpaste & Toothbrush 1 each
9 School Shoes 1 pair
10 Cash Rs. 500/-
Additional items( divided among their groups)
1 Footballs 4
2 Bat & Ball 4 Sets
Children were happy and excited after receiving the gifts. The smile on their innocent faces was the most rewarding moment of entire activity. They thanked and prayed for all the donors.

• Cardiologist Prof. Dr. Shahryar Ahmad Sheikh’s visit at Kawish Hospital :

A renowned name in the field of cardiology; Prof. Dr. Shahryar Ahmad Sheikh visited Al-Raheem Hospital on 26th February, 2012 during our monthly Eye camp. He was showed around the Operation Theater, OPD rooms equipped with latest machines like Phaco Machine, Biometry, Slit Lamp Microscope, Auto Ref-Keratometer. It came to him as a pleasant surprise when he was made aware about the services offered by Al-Raheem Hospital in the rural area of Bhawalnagar. Kawish Iqra Schools Project caught his fancy too and he shared his feelings that he wanted to replicate the idea of Iqra Schools in his native town.

• Eye Camp (25th- 26th February, 2012):

Monthly eye camp was held on February 25th- 26th , 2012. 134 OPD patients were treated & 20 Phaco surgeries were done by the skilled doctors and other paramedical staff as usual at Al-Raheem Hospital. We cover 100 villages for Cataract surgery, OPD once per month. (Last Saturday/ Sunday of the month). Our cost per surgery is approx. Rs. 5000 each. We charge Rs. 1500 only from each patient (surgery / lens implantation) and provide logistics costs (accommodation / meals) for free. Our OPD fee is Rs. 50/patient. We have state of the art Phaco machinery, excellent operating conditions backed by Generators for uninterrupted supply. Team leader is an experienced & skilled doctor supported by local paramedical staff.

• Iqra Schools:

In last month, 526 students (280 boys & 246 girls) of 24 Iqra Schools appeared in Annual Primary Examination. Alhamdolillah, the same number of schools have been replenished with775 fresh student’s admission ( approx. 35% more) for the new session 2012-2015. Total strength of students ( both gender) in 92 Iqra ( Non formal Schools) have risen to approx. 3000 numbers. We plan to open 08 more schools, shortly at Islamabad & Queta. Inshallah.

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