Update: Flood Relief Activities in Sindh (013) / New Iqra Schools / Virtual Hospital (30-Jan-2012):

Welcome to our latest update. We pray that all your efforts and contributions are accepted and your kindness is rewarded. Ameen. Details of our latest activities are as following.

• Flood Relief Activities Sindh/Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa:

A) Distribution of Quilts: Alhamdollilah as of Jan 25, 2012, we have completed the distribution of 2,250 quilts ( worth Rs. 2300,000/-) to the flood victims in the various flood affected areas in Badin and Mirpurkhas and their adjacent areas. We would like to acknowledge Sigma motors to have assisted us in these activities & especially at Mirpurkhas.
B) Water drainage from a school: A newly built school structure in the area of Badin was submerged in the flood and still large quantity of water stands around it. The local people have been lent the drainage equipment but they do not have funds to provider for the technical operator of the equipment and the fuel. An expected 15 days of time is required to drain the standing water. We have Alhamdolillah provided funds to contract a resource to operate the equipment as well as for procuring the fuel for the 15 days work.

Future Plans ( inshallah):

A) To start a Kawish Welfare Iqra school in this structure and the discussions are ongoing at this time to assess the needs and resources in hand.
B) Water Filtration Plant: We are working to setup a water filtration plant in the area around Badin base camp to provide fresh and filtered drinking water to the locals.
C) Supporting Orphans: Working to prepare and distribute a relief package for the orphan kids of the flood affected areas in Badin, Mirpurkhas & Charsadda. We have selected around 307 kids of various ages ( less than 18 years). The amount has been given by UK based charities such as 1) Serving Humanity, 2) Gil Poulos Welfare Trust and local organizations 3) CASE foundation,ISBD 4) Kawish welfare Trust. Relief Package costs around Rs.1500/- and would include;
Garments/Shoes Pack
1. Complete Dress -1 suit
2. Jacket -1 piece
3. Shoes- 1 pair
4. Slippers- 1 pair
5. Socks – 2 pairs
6. Cap – 1 piece
D) Distributions of relief packs: Funds ( approx. 2.139 Million rupees) still in hand and the demand for food and kitchen utensils on the rise, we would be distributing around 700 relief bags containing below items. Each bag is expected to cost around Rs. 2000/- This activity is expected to start from this coming weekend of Jan 28, 2012 and will last till Feb 10, 2012.
List of Food & Kitchen items
1. Flour - 10 kg
2. Ghee - 1 kg
3. Sugar – 2 kg
4. Tea – 1 pack
5. Dry Milk – 1 kg pack
6. Matches – 1 pack of 10 match box
7. Lentils (Pulses) – 2.5 kg
8. Rice – 5 kg bag
9. Hot Spices – 2 packs
10. Salt – 1 pack
11. Soap – 1 large pack
12. Kitchen utensils spoons, pots, knife, plate

• Iqra Schools:

Currently, we are running 90 Iqra schools ( Type: informal). Our enrolled students are 2800 number in cities………Lahore, Bhawalnagar, Islamabad, Karachi, Kot Addu , Shekhupura, Lodharaan etc.
Program Structure: Iqra Primary School ( One room, one teacher, one school) is a small successful operating system where utilizing the amount of only Rs.10,000/- per month, we make a mosque / room operational, employ one graduate teacher and educate ( Tarbiyyah, Hygiene & Academics) 35 illiterate, unprivileged kids of both genders in rural areas. We employ strict measures pertaining to monitoring & discipline. So, it’s a basic unit for giving unprivileged an opportunity of primary education in 03 years, only. Education cost of each kid is approx. Rs. 250 per month. Therefore, Kawish has the potential to open school immediately if funding is available, dedicated to respective donor’s name with quarterly reports / pictures until completion.
Completion of 28 Schools ( Session 2009-2012… Estimated Cost of project ( 03 years): Rs. 10.1 million):
Gearing up for Board Exam:
Total 780 students (both girls & boys) of 28 schools of districts Lahore, Bhawalnagar, Sheikhupura and Multan are appearing for Annual Examination through Punjab Board.
The same number of schools ( 28 numbers) will be replenished with new Iqra schools after the students pass this annual exam. Inshallah more than 980 ( Approx 35 students per school) new students will be inducted for the session Feb 15’ 2012- Jan31’ 2015.
New Schools:
With the collaboration of Islamic Community Center /Alfalah Manzil Islamabad, the project of 04 New Iqra Schools is underway and will inshallah start in the next month. This would take our total Iqra non formal schools to 96 numbers. Please note that Islamic Community Center /Alfalah Manzil Islamabad offers lectures on Quran / Arabic courses by renowned speakers, Prayer halls, Library, Kids playing area, Day care center, Gym and much more.

• Telemedicine: A Pilot Project for connecting poor to Medical Experts at “No Charge”:

Kawish has signed a MOU with Virtual Hospital – UK to form Tele medicine wing titled as VHP( Virtual hospital Pakistan) . Using the World Wide Web to deliver 21st century Medical Care to Pakistan’s poorest People. VHP shall connect Medical experts operating from HUB at urban areas with poor available at remote places through video conferencing (Tele Medicine) for consultation at “No charge”. Most of the Medical experts shall be available on volunteer basis.
Kawish hospital, already in operation (300 km from Lahore ) will serve as E-clinic at remote site, equipped with Latest medical diagnostics / IT hard ware for compilation of Electronic Medical Record ( EMR). It shall be connected with Medical experts available at Lahore based HUB. The VHP first pilot project is expected to go-live by End April 2012, inshallah.
Mr. Khalid Darr is the Chairman of Virtual Hospital UK. Kawish has got the support from Izhar Group & Shafi Group, Care Islamabad besides good wishes from SuttonCold Field UK community members.

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