Update: Flood Relief Activities in Sindh (011) (20-Dec-2011):

Welcome to our latest update. We pray that all your efforts and contributions are accepted and your kindness is rewarded. Ameen. Details of our latest activities are as following.

Flood Relief Activities Sindh:

The current situation in the flood affected areas is that things are returning to somewhat normal, not to mention the "normal" prior to the flood was not much satisfactory either. The flood water has dried up and people have moved back to their deserted lands and engaged in repairs of their homes and re-cultivating their fields. With the earnings from the new cultivation still far ahead and not much support from government and winter started the current demand is for food, house hold utensils, warm bedding and clothing.
For further spending, we are planning of giving out warm cloths and more ration packs along with some basic kitchen utensils to cook and hold food items. But our funds (Approx. Rs 7.8million ) have been depleted in relief / rehab activities and we are left with Rs 2.1 million only while in flow of funding has been almost seized. Once, amounts are totally consumed, we would have no option but to close our camps /operations. Recently, we have received an amount of £1,838.13 from joint venture of Gil Poulos Memorial Trust / Serving Humanity – UK for orphans, only in flood affected areas.

A) Distribution of Quilts in Badin & Mirpur:

Alhamdulillah, We have completed the preparation of 2200 Nos. quilts (worth Rs 2.3 millions) for flood relief at our Kawish VTI. We made two teams of Girls Middle & high school and also outsourced some skilled ladies from adjacent villages for the timely accomplishment of tasks. We have already started the distribution of the quilts (2200 numbers) and given out around 600+ and have 2-3 trips back to back further trips up ahead in the next 10-20 days that should InshAllah bring relief to over 2200 families in Badin, Hala, Mirpur and the adjacent areas that we cover from our base camps. The cost and specifications of quilts are as below;
Quilt Size: 98” x 58”
Weight of Polyester: 2.2 Kg
Polyester Cost: 450
Cloth Cost: 350
Transportation Cost 50/each Upto Karachi (Badeen/Mirpur Khas) 50
Packing, Stitching & Management Cost: 200
Total Cost: Rs. 1050

B) Food Distribution:

We are planning to distribute the food packs by January 1st, 2012 inshaAllah at Kawish Karachi managed camps at Badin and Mirpur Khaas. The cost and list of goods in each pack is as following.

C) List of Household Kitchen items Required in Flood Affected Areas:

Please find below the list of Household Kitchen items which is a need of the villages of our base camp and other nearby villages.
1. Warm Cloths
2. Plates (Melamine)
3. Cups (Melamine)
4. Bowls (Small and Medium size) Melamine
5. Spoon
6. Aluminum Karahi (Medium)
7. Plastic mats
8. Pillow
9. Washing soaps
10. Plastic baskets (small)
11. Towels (Medium)

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