Update: Flood Relief Activities in Sindh (010) / Iqra Project / Eye Camp / Microfinance (02-Dec-2011):

Welcome to our latest update. We pray that all your efforts and contributions are accepted and your kindness is rewarded. Ameen. Details of our latest activities are as following.

Flood Relief Activities Sindh:

A) Financial Summary of Flood Relief Activities.

Donations Amounts Received: PKR 7,841,000
Total Expenditures: PKR 6,310,000
Balance Amount: PKR 1,531,000
Note: Detailed expense sheets are available on request.

B) Quilts for Badin & Mirpur Khaas flood hit familes:

Alhamdulillah, We have completed the preparation of 2200 Nos. quilts (worth Rs 2.3 millions) for flood relief at our Kawish VTI. We made two teams of Girls Middle & high school and also outsourced some skilled ladies from adjacent villages for the timely accomplishment of tasks. First consignment of quilts is being dispatched on December 02’2011. All Quilts will be distributed by December 10 inshaAllah at Kawish Karachi managed camps at Badin and Mirpur Khaas.

C) Seeds of Peace (SOP- USA) Campaign for Schools Construction Project at Flood Affected Areas of Sindh:

SOP has shown interest to launch a campaign with international donors for funding for the construction and rehabilitation of Schools at flood affected areas of Sindh. Seeds of Peace (http://www.seedsofpeace.org) is dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence. Seeds of peace had funded Kawish to build 20 rooms including 02 Iqra Schools at flood affected areas adjacent to Kot Addu, last year.

Opening of 03 New Iqra Schools: ( Education for unprivileged)

Kawish Welfare Trust has successfully established a mass literacy network. It is now running approx. 90 schools (03 hours per day, 03 years primary program. Curriculum approved by Punjab Education Board Examination) under the name of IQRA PROJECT. Total Cost of an average school, with 35 kids in a class is about 100 USD per month. The cost includes tuition fee, cost of monitoring and coordination, books and other facilities. We get a room facility at no cost basis from the local community.
Alhamdulillah, preparation for the establishment of 03 New Schools 2012-2015 session ( approx 100 kids – both gender) have started at villages Adda Gajjani and Qabola Near Bahwalnagar / Arif wala – Punjab Pakistan. We will intimate details of fully functional schools in near future. Inshallah.
1- Iqra School Sponsored by: Mr. Furqan Alamgir (Connexin - UK)
2- Iqra Hamza School Sponsored by: Mr. Hamza Mumtaz – UAE
3- Iqra Maha School Sponsored by: Ms. Maha Mumtaz - UAE
NOTE: We have the capacity and sites available to open 15 more such schools of these types in remotes villages subject to the availability of sponsors.

Eye Camp (26~27 November, 2011):

Monthly eye camp held on November 26~27, 2011. 117 OPD were treated & 28 Phaco surgeries were done. Please find snaps as below. We cover 100 villages for Cataract surgery, OPD once per month. (Last Saturday/ Sunday of the month). Our cost per surgery is approx. Rs. 5000 each. We charge Rs. 1500 only from each patient (surgery / lens implantation) and provide logistics costs (accommodation / meals) for free. Our OPD fee is Rs. 50/patient. We have the state of the art Phaco machinery, excellent operating conditions backed by Generators for uninterrupted supply. Team leader is an experienced & skilled doctor supported by local agile paramedical staff.

Interest Free Micro Finance: Al-Basit Micro Finance Project:
Kawish-Akhuwat Joint Venture (Equipment Distribution on interest free installment:

A social welfare project was launched by the joint venture of Kawish & Akhuwat in June’2008. Under this project following items have so far been distributed on Interest free installment repayments as low as Rs. 200 per month in the remote areas of Bahawalnagar:-
• Goats
• Sewing Machines
• Bi-Cycles
• Motor Cycles
Installments received from beneficiaries are recycled by providing more items in the same areas to in waiting applicants.

A Success Story: Goats Microfinance

With our joint efforts, we have been successful by the Grace of Allah Almighty only, for escalating the asset of poor from 2.7 million to Rs 8.7 millions in 02 years. Alhumdolillah.
Distribution of Live Stock on Partnership basis to poor Entrepreneurs. (Funding & idea given by Mr. Afaq Khan - CEO SCB Sadiq Dubai)
• We started project on Nov 11,2009….. 02 years back.
• We completed distribution of 250 big goats and associated 491 off springs in more / less 06 months ( by April 2010) in 25 villages worth rs 2.7 million
• Mortality rate has been 15 %. We have SOP’s to report death of goat and getting it approved from management for exemption on special cases.
• Now, the current numbers of stock has risen to 210 big goats, 430 grown up goats and 268 infants. The lending has been increased from 250 beneficiaries to 469 numbers. However, 40 members have been exempted due to death of 40 goats.
• Current value of flock ( safe estimation) ;
o 210 big goats x 13,000 = 2.7 million rs ( since these goats have gone through twice with the pregnancy / delivery cycle so rates applied according to market)
o 430 off springs which are now grown big x 12,000 = 5.2million rs.
o Mix ( new born and some big) 268 x 3000 ( min price) = 0.8million
o Total value of current assets = 2.7 + 5.2 + 0.8 = 8.7 million rs.
• We have not taken in to account the maintenance cost invested by each custodian to raise goats, obtaining milk benefits, off springs retained by the beneficiary and our management costs.
• There is a prediction of 100 more new born addition in next few months. So, the cycling would continue.
• We have firm control on All beneficiary families as regards to statistics, status and recycling.

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