Al-Raheem Inauguration: Donor's visit

We appreciate & express gratitude to all donors for the support to establish Kawish II ( Al-Raheem… After the success of Al-Rehman Kawish I). We also thank our friends who visited Kawish projects ( Bahawalanagar) from Lahore, Islamabad & Multan.

Our Mission:

We are FOCUSSED to help unprivileged community to gain Empowerment!! to Transform masses into an honorable & self driven Society by imparting Education, Values, Health, Skill / technology exchange & Employment. We are grateful for the tremendous support from silent majority and wish to keep their names in anonymity on their request. However, we are compelled to highlight few names / groups as follows for their exceptional moral support;


Family of Ajmal Tareen (Late), Mian Muhammad Naeem, Mr. Afaq Khan (Banker- Dubai), Mr. Mehboob Nasir, Mr. Ahsan Latif (Kawish Founder member & Banker – UK).


Izhar Group, Shafi Group, JSI, Star group, Akhuwat, MHF- Canada, Haleeb, Paramount distributors, Stand Pharma, Japan Islamic Trust, Serving Humanity-UK.

System Replication Requests

We have received requests to replicate Kawish Models at Vehari & Sargodha by our friends who wish to sponsor.
Few snaps / leaflets are as below giving an insight of our activities;

Inauguration of AL-RAHEEM Complex: KAWISH II. 12 December 2010

Opening of 17 VMCs in collaboration with HALEEB Milk in Phase I at Each Iqra school in respective villages: '' Employment Creation".
Our program is to get milk from farmers and provide to Haleeb Milk at mutually agreed premium rates. Earned profits shall help to cover cost of school & increased salary package of Teachers.
Our target is to open 40 branches in Phase II, Inshallah.

Distribution of Bi-Cycles and Sewing Machines by Dr. Tahir Khan & other distinguished guests. Microfinance in collaboration with Akhuwat-Pakistan.
10 motorcycles, 700 Bicycles and 300 Sewing machines worth Rs. 6.0 million have been distributed among the poor / needy. Alhamdulilah,

Ceremony: Distribution of interest free loans. Dr Izhar Hashmi (Director Akuwat Pakistan) briefing the audience about the background of Akhuwat Mission, Success & importance of Microfinance. 01 Billion Rs. interest free financing to 85,000 families in last 08 years.
Amount of Rs. 1000,000 has been distributed to approx. 150 beneficiaries in last 03 months at Bahawalnagar Branch.

Consignment to Kot Addu (Flood Affected Area)
At Kawish Vocational Center 4500 Quilts were made for flood victims and dispatched. Project worth Rs. 4.0 millions.
Waste material has been used for making 750 Pillows. A truck consignment of pillows on its way to Kawish Kot Addu Branch for flood victims.
We have received orders to stitch more quilts worth Rs. 2.0 million from Akhuwat Pakistan, Case Foundation & family of respected "Yaqoob Butt & Haroon Toosy-UK (Late)" for onward distribution to Flood effected areas.

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