Vocational Training Institute

  • Apart from Middle level education, these girls are given vocational training so that they can earn bread for their families.
  • Later, we plan to hire the services of these students to make dresses and other household items. These articles can be sold in local as well as international markets.

In this manner we can achieve a self sustainable model for our village folks.

In 2014 A Special Quilts Endowment project was executed by Kawish (Quantity: 7,050) keeping in view the fast approaching winter season. The beneficiaries were IDP’s of North Waziritstan and people which were affected by floods in Pakistan in 2014. Quilts were prepared at minimal cost at Kawish Vocational Institute (VTI) for young females. A standard Quilt ( 2.25 Kg weight, 600 GSM, 98"x58") costs only Rs. 1,000/each. This includes packing, stitching & distribution cost to end beneficiaries. KWT Vocational Institute for girls is the main source of livelihood for them. KWT welcomes orders for quilts for any charitable purpose. Orders generate revenue yielding activity for these girls so please choose KWT for such orders.

In the recent past, quilts were also made by Kawish Vocational Training Centers (Bahawalnagar) for Flood Victims. Our middle grade female students and vocational training trainees (local village women) have undertaken this project for preparing 5000 quilts in one month at half the rate (And much better quality). These quilts will be delivered to Kawish Welfare Trust Kot Addu/ Charsadda offices for distribution to flood victims only.

Working with VTI

Available Staff: 60 nos. full time & 91 nos. students part time.
Quilts per day / Production: 150 nos.
Material:     Polyester Sheets 600gm.
Size of Quilt:   98 inch x 58 inch    
Kawish Price:  Rs. 1000/-
Market Price for equivalent: Rs. 1,700/- (Brand: Wikky Quilts)

Readymade Quilts (for less than one thousand rupees each) are available in market but we found them unfit for Temperatures in extreme weather conditions of the flood hit areas. High quality Quilts were ranging from Rs. 1700-2800/- therefore we have decided to make to produce it at Kawish Vocational center to achieve economical price (almost 45 % less) & yet getting High quality (and ample stuffing of polyester sheet / cotton etc).

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